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If you are looking for something very special for either yourself
or to give as a gift to someone then there is no better way than a personal photograph.

This could be any thing from a picture of yourself
to a pet cat or dog, your car, boat, aeroplane, playing golf or even a pair of slippers.

Whether you want a stylish head shot of yourself,
a casual portrait of a relative or friend,
or intimate and tasteful nude or lingerie photographs
of yourself or your partner then we can carry this out for you.

We will come to you to create the photographs.
This will ensure you are comfortable in your own environment
and you will have everything to hand.
Bringing a friend along to help you get ready is welcomed too.

If you are looking to make a career in modelling
then a portfolio is "a must".

Depending on the type of portfolio will depend on the modelling you are considering.
This could be just for body building, hair styling, right through to clothing, swim wear or lingerie.
Getting a portfolio taken is the first move to your career
and could cost you nothing in the first instance!
Call me now to find out more about "time for time"
Tel:- 01603 747782 & 0787 9496714

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